Sunday, March 27, 2011

Shooting in Denver

We just got back from Denver where we had a GREAT time shooting some clothing lines and visiting Uncle Matt.  I spent the day shooting with my good friend Kim Larson - she is AWESOME!!  It was sunny and warm and we had a great time walking around the city looking for brightly colored walls and fun textures to use as backdrops.  We thought it would be fun to bring along the flip video so we could share with you what goes on while trying to photograph young children.  :)  These are 2 of my girls Olivia and Naomi modeling some new pieces from Gocks Frocks. (while baby Amelia watches and cheers us on from her stroller)  This is my first time loading a video so please let me know if it works!!! I am also attaching the image we created during this shoot.  Enjoy!!!

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