Thursday, August 26, 2010

Beach pictures

One of my very favorite places to go is the beach, I could just stay there all day. There is something about the way I feel when I am sitting in the sand with the gentle breeze on my face. I have been dreaming of getting some pictures of Amelia on the beach and had several opportunities to do so this week. All in the last few days we shot in Sheboygan, Peninsula State Park and the Sand Dunes in Door County. I am attaching a fun couple of pics to show you how we safely capture the "sling shot." It takes a lot of patience and balance. :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Photography playdate

So my friend Jennifer came over today to get the babys together so the mommys could take pictures of them. I just had to post a pic of how things are done behind the scenes. Here is Jennifer breastfeeding baby Laela while I am photographing baby Amelia in the basket. (I also posted the final result) LOL!!!! This is how we mommy's work!! Some days we spend 90 percent of the time nursing our babys just to get them to sleep. That's why they are so chunky!!! LOLOL!!!!