Monday, September 21, 2009

Naomi's first day of school

Ok, so how could I not share this one of Naomi getting on the bus. I can't believe my little 3 year old is going to school and riding the bus. She loves it so much!! She has the most wonderful teacher and bus driver, we are so very blessed!

Beautiful Gianna

How I just love to photograph little Gianna. She is so cute, I joked with Nancy her mom that she could look like my little girl with all that dark hair! Where do all my girls get such light hair? LOL. It's amazing to see how far Gianna has come, she used to be such a little peanut and now she is growing up so quickly.


Here is pretty little Gracyn that just turned "1". We actually took a couple bites of her cake when she was done. It was quite nummy!!!