Sunday, November 27, 2011

Life can be crazy

Well, I bet I could be the worst blogger ever!!!  And the silly thing is that I really like to do it!!!  Life sure has had it's share of craziness lately.  In September my life changed a bit when I got bit by a mosquito in my backyard and that darn bite never healed up.  While on a shoot with my friend "Stacy" she noticed my big honkin bite and asked what it was.  Being that it was on my back I had kind of forgotton about it and didn't think a lot of it.  Well, the next day it had a bulls eye ring around it and everything started to go downhill from there.  A few weeks later I was diagnosed with Lymes Disease.  I was in such denial that I could have gotton Lymes from a mosquito!!!  So many crazy things were happening to me though like during a photo session my foot swelled up and turned purple for no reason!!!  Then my right thumb started to hurt and my arm went numb.  After having my legs go numb for several days I thought I better get this looked at.  Well, my assumption was that I would take some antibiotics and life would go on as usual.  Ummmmmmm, not so much.  I had several days where I could not get out of bed because I hurt so bad and was sooooo tired.  I could sleep for 7 hours during the day!!!!!  Who has time for that with 4 small children and a coming into the busy photography season???????  Certainly not me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I pushed it as long as I could and then I had to start cancelling shoots and get some rest.  I simply could not get better.  Then after about 6 weeks of hell my pastor decides to spring it on me at church one Sunday that he would like to have everyone at church pray over me.  YES!!!  I will take that!!!  He has never done that before, but felt totally led to do it during that service.  This was after I could not get myself out of bed for 7 days.  During the service I felt really HOT and the next day my pain was GONE!!!!!!  It was a miracle!!!!!  Praise God!!!!!  I have felt well since that day a few weeks ago.  I have a very strong Faith in God, and yes in the back of my mind I do it going to come back????  I now have to get re-tested for Lymes and also any co-infections that I may have contracted from that darn bug.  The part that makes me a little sad is that I also have to get my baby Amelia tested because I was nursing at the time and there is talk that it can pass t hrough breast  milk.  EEK!!!  I will never forget that horrible night when I had to start treatment and also stop nursing all at once. Talk about emotions running wild!!!  Man oh man, that was tough.  Makes us who we are today though.  After going through all that I am ready for my big blessing, I know that God has big things in store for us.  If we remain faithful in Him no matter what is thrown at us he will send so many great things our way we won't know what to do with all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They have already begun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Kimberly , I am so glad that you are feeling better. The power of prayer is a wonderful thing. Praise God for your healing.. So glad your back to blogging. -Maryellen

Kimberly Van Sistine said...

Thanks so much for commenting sweetheart!!! i appreciate it!