Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I love that my oldest daughter "Olivia" still loves to play with dolls.  She is nearly 10 years old and her favorite toy to play with is her "Loving Family Dollhouse" which she saved up and bought with her own money.  When she asked me for a dollhouse I thought oh goodness she is not going to want to play with this for very long.  She purchased it last May and she still gets it out nearly every day.  For Christmas we got her some accessories and even my mom said "is this for baby  Amelia"?  LOL!!!  Nope, that's for Olivia and she is going to love it!!  I am so proud of my big girl!!!  Last night we were looking up classes that she can take at the "Y" and she is interested in the babysitting one.  I can't even believe that I have a daughter old enough to take a babysitting class!!!  She is so excited about it and is so good with her baby sister.  I was surprised this morning when she took Amelia to have her diaper changed and got her dressed.  My oh my time sure goes by quickly!!!

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